Purchase and characteristics of the fireball mill

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At present, the production scale of aerated concrete industry in China is expanding, the level of aerated concrete equipment is improving, and the scope of application is increasing. As the most important equipment in the raw material preparation of aerated concrete equipment production line, the technical content of ball mill has also been greatly improved

ball mills can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. The maintenance and management of the ball mill is simple and easy to carry out. It can adapt to all kinds of materials, and can be produced continuously. The production capacity is large, which can meet the needs of large-scale production. The ball mill can work under various conditions, and can be produced by dry method. Such a mill is called dry ball mill, which can also be used. 3. It has good electrical insulation; Such a mill produced by wet method is called wet ball mill. The ball mill can also combine the dry grinding process at the same time. It has a good sealing device to prevent dust flying and other significant advantages, which are highly recognized by the market. There are the following skills in selecting the ball mill: the change of ore hardness and fineness should be considered in the design. Generally, the ore in the deep part of the deposit becomes hard or thin, so that the selected mill can also adapt to it, and ensure the smooth production in the initial stage; Ensure the production capacity of the mill; Properly consider the large-scale equipment; The diameter and length of the ball mill shall be properly selected according to the requirements of output

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generally, it should be equipped with: inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, electronic balance, thickness gauge, moisture tester, cardboard bursting tester, sample diameter 9/ml

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