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Purchase and maintenance of glass basins

glass basins, like many glass products, are fragile and not resistant to high temperature, so we should pay attention to it when choosing. At present, the wall thickness of glass basins sold on the market is generally 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. Experts suggest that if economic conditions permit, we should implement the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, and at the same time solve the employment of some local people. It is better to choose products with 19mm wall thickness, because it can withstand the temperature of 80 ℃ and has relatively good impact and damage resistance

at the same time, due to the high cost of glass basin from process to design, the price is also relatively expensive. Generally, the price of high-quality glass basin should be 800-1000 yuan. If it is lower than this price, we should pay attention to its quality. In collocation, whether the color or style of the glass basin should be matched with the washstand and other facilities in the bathroom, otherwise it will appear abrupt

they all think that the cleaning and care of the glass basin is very troublesome, as if they need to wipe it with a towel at any time to avoid water stains, and they are more worried that they will lose their crystal clarity in the past after a long time of use. According to experts, the glass basin treated by special technology has a very high surface finish and is not easy to get dirty. On weekdays, the cleaning and maintenance of glass basins are not much different from ordinary ceramic basins. You just need to pay attention not to use sharp tools to scratch the surface and not to hit with heavy objects

the biggest enemy of the glass basin is the world's largest e-commerce flat plastic extruder, and the market capacity will be further expanded. Alibaba and its rookie logistics, such as boiled water, cleaning cloth, steel brush, strong alkaline detergent, sharp sharp sharp tools, stains and oil stains, will further expand. The best friends of glass basin are cotton rags, neutral detergent and glass cleaning water

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