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Purchase guide for small ticket printers

there are many kinds of micro printers. Now the concept of micro printers is relatively vague, and the classification is not clear. We don't talk about the micro printer module here, only about the micro printer as a finished product

general classification

from the purpose classification, it can be divided into special micro printers and general micro printers. The so-called special micro printer refers to the micro printer used for special purposes, such as professional bar code micro printing, professional ID card micro printing, etc. These micro printers usually need professional software or driver support, or can only work with one or several special devices; General purpose micro printers are widely used and can support the print output of many devices. Many printers are actually general purpose micro printers

in terms of printing methods, it can be divided into needle micro printer, thermal micro printer and thermal transfer micro printer. The printing method adopted by needle micro printing is that the printing needle impacts the ribbon and prints the ink of the ribbon on the printing paper. The thermal method is to change the color of the thermal medium coated on the printing paper by heating. The thermal transfer printing is to print the carbon powder on the ribbon on the printing paper by heating (it is rarely used in China at present). In addition, there are micro type printers, which are mostly used in taxis

classified from data transmission mode, it can be divided into wireless micro printer and wired micro printer. Wireless micro printing uses infrared or Bluetooth technology for data communication, while wired micro printing uses serial or parallel methods for data communication. Of course, wireless micro printer usually has serial port or parallel port, which can carry out data communication through wired mode

advantages and disadvantages of several general micro printers

because the scope of use of special printers is relatively narrow, it is not difficult to choose and buy them. The following describes the characteristics of various general-purpose micro printers as a reference for users to choose and buy

1. Pin micro printer

pin micro printer is a relatively common micro printer. Epson print head (printer core) has been used in China for a long time. One advantage of needle printing is that the printed documents can be saved for a long time. Of course, this requires that the ink on the selected ribbon must be of good quality, so the micro printing used in many convenience stores is needle printing, and because the control of needle print head is simple, it can be produced by using a cheaper control board scheme, so it is relatively cheap. But there are also many disadvantages of needle printing: high noise, slow printing speed, fast loss of print head, and the need to change the ribbon frequently. Because of its principle, these are insurmountable

2. Thermal micro printer

thermal micro printer is also a relatively common micro printer, which appeared later than needle micro printer. The thermal printer has fast printing speed, low noise, little mechanical loss of the print head, and does not need the ribbon, which avoids the trouble of replacing the ribbon. But it also has disadvantages, because it uses thermal paper, which cannot be stored indefinitely, and can be stored for years under the condition of closed light

3. Wireless micro printer

most wireless micro printers now use IrDA technology based on infrared (see page 9 of the third issue of this journal in 2002), but due to the complexity of IrDA protocol, the accuracy of data transmission (omitted below in electronic version) cannot be guaranteed

4. Compared with wireless micro printer, the reliability of data transmission of wired micro printer is higher, but it will become very inconvenient if used in mobile printing. Other precautions for purchasing. The advantages and disadvantages of several different printers are introduced above, but you may still have many questions when purchasing. Here are some other precautions in purchasing printers

1. Print character set

the character set required by users may not be exactly the same. Some only need numbers, some need English, and some need Chinese characters. Pay attention to the required character set when purchasing

2. Overall dimension and weight

if it is a printer placed in a fixed place, as long as the space is enough, the size and weight of the printer do not need to be considered too much. If it is required to be portable, the overall dimension and weight must be considered

3. Power supply

at present, there are two ways to power the micro printer (the electronic version is omitted below). The printer cannot be used

since you have made up your mind, don't forget your original intention

4. Paper roll size

if users use it frequently, you should consider the size of the paper roll. Changing the paper roll frequently is a annoying thing

5. Print width and amount of data printed

print width is best measured by the number of characters printed per line. For example, for the same 57mm paper width, 24 characters can be printed for more and 10 characters for less, which one should be selected according to the needs of users

6. Consumables

the consumables used for thermal printers are different from those used for needle printing, so a roll of paper with the same diameter has made contributions to accelerating the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and building a new industry in Shandong. Sensitive printing paper is long, but expensive; The paper used for needle punching is short, but cheap. According to the same amount of data printed, the work of the two experimental machine manufacturers on the printing paper is to provide a highly flexible data interface, and the consumption is about the same, but the needle printing also consumes the ribbon. Therefore, in general, the consumables consumed by the thermal printer are cheaper

7. Other special requirements

some users will have some special requirements, such as being able to print bar codes and graphics, which can be selected from different products of different manufacturers

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