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Oil/gas field production monitoring and scheduling system based on wireless digital radio and RTU

oil/gas fields are mostly located in marshes, deserts, basins, shallow seas and other areas. Because they are far away from cities and are sparsely populated, transportation and communication facilities are relatively backward. Oil/gas wells are scattered in an area of dozens of kilometers, and the production and operation Department is composed of multiple single wells, transfer stations and joint stations. Using wireless communication mode to realize data and voice communication between single well and transfer station and combined station has the advantages of fast installation and opening, convenient maintenance and migration, and low cost

I. system composition

in recent two years, the oil field/natural gas acquisition and scheduling system consists of multiple single wells, several transfer stations and a combined station. The typical structure is as follows:

3 The data acquisition of single well flow, pressure, temperature, power supply, etc. in the figure of

with replaceable pendulum blade generally adopts RTU or i/o module, which is connected with digital radio through RS232 interface. The digital data transmission radio is used between the transfer station and the single well to realize the measurement and control data and voice communication. Andy Po, senior vice president of Asia Pacific of BASF characteristic materials department, stlethwaite also said that although raw material prices have been rising all the way "Innovative materials can inspire and realize various excellent designs and functions. Broadband radio and multiplexer equipped with multiple serial port cards can be used to realize the comprehensive transmission of data, and images between the transfer station and the combined station. The upper computer of the combined station is equipped with multiple serial port cards and connected with the monitoring center with configuration software.

II. Specific applications

Shengli Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield, Tuha oilfield, East Sichuan natural gas field, etc

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