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On February 22, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced on the 22nd that another large-scale oil and gas discovery, Bozhong oil and gas field, was made in the Bohai Sea, China, with proven geological reserves of 100 million tons of oil and gas equivalent

CNOOC said that the discovery further consolidated the reserve base of China's offshore oil and gas resources, which is of great significance to the stable production of offshore oil and gas fields and the protection of national energy security

&e1. First turn on the power MSP; It is understood that Bozhong oil and gas field is located in the Central Bohai Sea, about 140 kilometers away from Tianjin, with an average water depth of about 23.2 meters. A total of 346 m thick oil layer was encountered in Bozhong well, and the completed drilling depth was 5223 M. After testing, the average daily output of crude oil is about 300 tons and natural gas is about 150000 m3

the "easy and joyful reform" of the China Sea has been completed, "said Zhou Xinhuai, general manager of the oil exploration department. The discovery of the Bozhong oil and gas field has achieved a major breakthrough in the" covered "buried hill exploration in the Bohai Sea, greatly expanded the exploration space of buried hills, and has important promotion value for the future exploration of the same type of buried hills in the Bohai Sea and offshore China

in order to realize the efficient transformation of reserves, CNOOC innovated and applied the integrated management mode of exploration and development, and used the existing oilfield facilities to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, so as to speed up the construction of production in the well area, and the exploration wells were directly converted to production wells for trial production, which not only reduced the drilling costs, but also increased the oil and gas production

Zhou Xinhuai introduced that during the "14th five year plan", Bozhong oil and gas field will continue to promote the deployment and implementation of the overall development plan, and become an important force in the production of 40million tons in Bohai oil field

in recent years, CNOOC has promoted the "seven-year action plan" to increase reserves and production. Researchers have continuously strengthened geological understanding innovation and exploration technology around complex geological structures such as buried hills. In just two years, driven by national policies, the Bohai Sea has successively captured a series of major oil and gas discoveries such as Bozhong, a large condensate field, and reclamation of 100 million ton oil fields

it is reported that after the Bozhong oil and gas field is put into operation, it will work together with Bozhong condensate field in the production of oil and gas fields, laying a solid foundation for the Bohai oil field to build the country's largest crude oil production base, and further giving play to the important role of offshore oil and gas production in the safe and stable supply of China's oil and gas resources and reducing external dependence

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