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In 2003, there were four brand wars in China's fruit juice industry.

Huiyuan fruit juice, after leading the domestic fruit juice market for ten years, was shaken by the unified enterprise last year; Although the actual sales volume of "queer" is not as good as Huiyuan and Tongyi, according to the market reflection and the unique network advantages of Cola company, it will become the most competitive brand in the juice market in 2003; The great success of Master Kang in the southern market also prompted the expansion of Master Kang's ability to protect social harmony; The same "Wahaha juice I like" is also entering the market with the full success of Wahaha Group in 2002; The fifth quarter of Jianlibao last year was also remarkable in the market, and this year's new product "Baoguo steam" is determined to win; In addition, sunkish, Huabang, Dahu and other brands are also quite competitive. Presumably, the fruit juice market will be full of good performances in 2003

Huiyuan: the power of change

the success of Huiyuan juice is an epitome of China's private enterprises. Since its establishment, it has completed capital accumulation through bold development, and quickly became a well-known enterprise through media communication. At present, Huiyuan has the advantages of production scale, with 18 large-scale concentrated fruit juice production bases, which is the largest in China and even Asia, and financial support from Tunhe, Xinjiang. It will not be afraid of price war and brand war. Huiyuan also has obvious disadvantages, such as the huge marketing team, outdated concepts and ineffective promotion strategies. The most important thing is the lack of personality of the product, which is "large and comprehensive" on the surface, "Drinking Huiyuan Juice and taking the road to health" makes people feel at a loss. "Automobile manufacturers can avoid this step by choosing colorful body parts made of Plexiglas materials. In the current market environment, where the main consumers are teenagers and women, it is obviously not as good as unifying beautiful girls and queer teenagers. But Huiyuan began to wake up in 2003," my savage girlfriend "Quan Zhixian made a brilliant debut, and the scenery of sugar and wine will be infinite. Whether the annual target of "Huiyuan real fresh orange" of 2billion can be achieved by the Korean wave is still an unsolved mystery

unity: can we unify the world

unity is optimistic about the fruit juice market. With the convenient PET packaging of "more fresh oranges", the image of a young girl "drink more and be more beautiful" swept the national market. In less than two years, it took the top place in fruit juice, and even unity itself felt surprised. Tongyi fresh orange is a real product winner, with lighter taste, more exquisite packaging, and more convenient to carry. In large supermarkets, the price is the same as that of coke. It can be said that all these are Huiyuan's blind spots. The rapid rise of unification can best prove that health drinks are becoming a general trend of consumption. Whether it is milk or fruit juice, the per capita consumption is increasing at a snowballing speed. At the right time, uni President entered the right market with the right products. The disadvantage of uni president is that it also lies in this kind of products. The frustration of "more apples" and "more peaches" has also proved this. With the popularity of PET packaging, the impact of more local brands, and the unity supported only by "more oranges", should it also be "more and better"

queer: Cool makes sense

as a product of Coca Cola, queer is as successful as Coca Cola in many countries around the world. From being listed in Japan in 1999 to being popular in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, to entering the Chinese market when the fruit juice market is approaching maturity, it can be said to be the victory of market segmentation "role marketing". Queer segment children's market (including teenagers in fact) firmly occupies the leading position in the children's market. Of course, queer also has hidden worries. For example, with the low price entry of more local brands and the growth of Wahaha, queer's high price has become the biggest obstacle

Master Kang: from tea to fruit juice

Master Kang tea series has made a lot of money for Dingxin group, and once had a monthly sales record of 30million in southern Shenzhen and Dongguan. How can master Kang miss the huge business opportunity in the juice market? From "fruit juice that even fruit likes to drink" to "replenish daily vitamin C", and speak with the healthy and beautiful image of Gigi Leung, the purpose is to carve up the market of young and fashionable people. However, compared with Tongyi, Master Kang is obviously half a beat slower. At present, the follow-up of products in the fruit juice market is a good thing, which is conducive to the maturity of the market and the expansion of the cake. But too many products also make consumers chaotic. The final result of all kinds of orange juice and fresh fruit drinks seizing the terminal is the general reduction of profits, the bankruptcy and merger of small enterprises

Wahaha: I like the slogan ads that shout out "I like" more loudly than consumers like the launch of

Wahaha juice, which makes us proud of the growth of Chinese enterprises again. Wahaha has always been proud of the sound network in the secondary and tertiary markets and the popularity of Wahaha brand. I believe that Wahaha juice will also achieve impressive achievements. However, from the current market thinking of Wahaha juice, there is no breakthrough selling point. Whether consumers like it or not depends on whether Wahaha is as successful in central cities as in the secondary and tertiary markets

Jianlibao: from "the fifth season" to "popcorn steam"

from "the fifth season" to enter the market, there is a lot of noise. Looking at the whole process of product integration, Jianlibao has basically been successful in the past year, and finally passed the difficult "the fifth season". Jianlibao launched "pop fruit steam" before it was mature in the fifth quarter, pointing directly at the liangle market and operating two brands at the same time. With Jianlibao's current network marketing power, it can be said that the form is not optimistic. "It is healthier than coke and more exciting than fruit juice" publicity has made too many enemies. The marketing means of "putting satellites" is not desirable in the current market environment. If we do not do a solid job in network construction marketing, the consequences will be unimaginable

other brands have their own places

Huabang juice has always been the leader of concentrated juice in supermarkets. The OEM production for "Perlmutter" has gone out of another world in the juice market, and the enterprise has promoted the development of new material industry, and its industry is interesting; "Coconut tree" continues its prestige with coconut juice with unique raw materials. Similar products are also used in most of the current electronic tension machines of Chengde "Lulu"; Brands such as "Rumeng", "hand in hand" and "Great Lake" have also led in the fruit juice market. Due to the lack of overall planning, insensitivity to market response and differences in financial strength, the market retreated, so they had to keep a small piece of cake in large supermarkets and catering markets

in addition, the addition and regional advantages of local brands such as "million Manor" in Beijing, "Chenguang" in Guangzhou, "one pen" in Laiyang, and "fresh orange garden" in Tsingtao Beer Group also added a few dramatic elements to the juice market in 2003. The fruit juice market is undergoing a vigorous fruit juice war

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