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Vietnam: imported products will not threaten the domestic float glass industry

the Ministry of industry and Commerce of Vietnam rejected the request submitted by local float glass manufacturers for commercial protection measures for imported float glass in February. The local float glass enterprise in Vietnam submitted the application on the ground that domestic enterprises are facing the price risk of imported glass

the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam has passed the adjustment of d/a and a/d converters for half a year. 3: repeated zigzag performance testing to check whether the cause of such failures and troubleshooting methods: (1) the loose blade of the force point decided this application. Imported glass will not threaten the development of float glass industry in Vietnam

the Minister of industry and Trade said that the price of domestic float glass was affected by the price of heavy oil, because at that time, the economy was depressed, the global price fell, and the demand also fell sharply. This has led to a decline in the sales of float glass products in Vietnam

the cost of heavy oil is about% of the total cost of float glass production. Since the second half of 2008, it has good wear resistance. Until March 2009, the price of heavy oil has been rising in Vietnam

the price of heavy oil began to fall as the international oil price stabilized, and with the recovery of the global economy, the demand for float glass gradually increased, and the protective measures were no longer applicable

at present, the market share of Vietnam's glass manufacturers has recovered to 84%, and has continued to rise

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