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Discussion on the application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation

at present, the intelligent level of substation is constantly improving, and intellectualization has also become an important construction direction in the process of power construction. The application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation is of great significance to improve the stability and reliability of substation operation, and greatly improve the quality of power production. This paper analyzes and discusses the related problems of the application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation

1 Introduction

in the process of substation construction at this stage, automation has gradually become the main construction trend, and the automation system has been continuously expanded, and the traditional instruments and equipment have gradually transitioned to intelligent advanced equipment. Conventional electromagnetic transformer equipment has become the bottleneck of substation intelligent construction, which is difficult to ensure the development and application of substation intelligent technology. As a product of the development of power technology in the new era, electronic transformer has good stability, and can play an effective role in the construction of modern intelligent substation. It has been gradually valued and adopted by the majority of substation builders

2 requirements of intelligent substation for electronic transformer

when selecting electronic transformer with the increase of tension, it should be consistent with the actual voltage level, and ensure that the electronic transformer is consistent with the specific situation of the substation. For the selection of 220kV substation equipment, it is mainly based on two-way signal output, and the current transformer of the same level is used, and then connected through optical fiber. In the selection of electronic transformer, it is necessary to ensure that the electronic transformer can accurately measure high-frequency components and aperiodic components, and that the transformer can meet the requirements of protection, measurement, measurement, dynamic observation and other different aspects. The electronic transformer needs to realize dual independent configuration, and the protection and measurement and control devices are configured independently to ensure that the two functional modules do not interfere with each other, In addition, considering the redundancy of optical fibers and sensors in advance, the electronic transformer needs to ensure that it has sufficient accuracy and meets the relevant national measurement regulations and standards. During the operation of the substation, the electronic transformer needs to effectively detect the temperature, operating conditions, abnormalities, etc., so as to ensure the smooth realization of the dynamic monitoring of the fermentation production of 3-propanol with cassava starch, glycerin and other non grain raw materials. In the process of installation, the electronic transformer should have a flexible installation mode and adapt to the scientific analysis and installation environment of various safety induction. At the neutral point of the main transformer in the substation, electronic transformer can be designed, and the installation of other current sensing positions can be selected according to the actual situation. When installing the transformer in the public winding of the substation, the independence of different output lines should be guaranteed, and the combination of current transformer and voltage transformer should be used to strictly inspect and test the performance and technical indicators of relevant electronic components, Ensure good synchronization of data. In terms of the detection of electronic components, it is also necessary to ensure that it can adapt to the high-intensity electronic environment, and ensure that the relevant transformer equipment can carry out the protection action correctly without being affected by the surrounding environment

3 the influence of electronic transformer application on intelligent substation

in the process of substation intelligent and automation development, the emergence and application of electronic transformer has effectively solved a series of problems in the process of substation development, greatly promoted the steps of intelligent construction, and has become an important equipment in modern substation construction. The application of electronic transformer greatly simplifies the structure of electronic devices, and through the transmission of digital signals, it can be directly adopted by digital signal receiving equipment, avoiding the equipment required for digital signal conversion, and effectively reducing the use of sampling and holding, digital to analog converter and other devices. The application of electronic transformer reduces the system error, improves the transmission quality of measurement data, and improves the accuracy of data monitoring. The electronic transformer reduces the electromagnetic interference to other secondary equipment, effectively improves the stability of the substation equipment, and avoids the signal distortion caused by the load in the past. Digital measurement technology has improved the application level of dynamic monitoring, and the purpose of integrated substation construction has become possible through the application of electronic transformer

4 application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation

4.1 application of electronic transformer in secondary circuit

application of electronic transformer in secondary circuit can reduce the use of cable lines and reduce the construction cost of substation. In the process of substation construction, optical cables should be used for signal transmission, and ensure the control of intervals and the compactness of substation structure design, so as to improve the safety and reliability of substation system. During the installation of optical cables, it is necessary to ensure that the installation position is reasonable without verifying the accessibility of electronic transformers and testing the insulation resistance of circuits. The application of electronic transformer has no problems such as polarity and insulation resistance, which greatly reduces the cost of line construction. The most simple and useful way to avoid the rust of the hydraulic forming machine is to paint the press machine with anti-oxidation paint. The electronic transformer should be marked for data transmission and ensure the correctness of data transmission. In the case of circuit crossing or wrong connection, if the traditional transformer is connected to the substation system, it needs to re check the secondary circuit. In addition, due to the application of electronic transformer, the optical cable transmission circuit in substation construction is insulated and does not need to be grounded, which greatly reduces the construction volume on site. Electronic transformer needs to collect the data of daily network, and effectively ensure that the data has enough storage space, which can fully meet the specific requirements of daily use. At the same time, unconventional transformer does not have CT saturation and disconnection problems, while the original protection device has different detection principles and corresponding locking logic for CT disconnection and saturation, and this part of the program content can be omitted, The field specific CT segment line and saturation test items are reduced

4.2 application of electronic transformer in relay protection

electronic transformer has good corresponding ability, and according to the relevant principle of protection action, because the previous CT frequency response range is too narrow, it is difficult to reproduce the current waveform at one time. Electronic transformer has a wide frequency response range, which can provide a complete reflection of high-frequency signals, provide a basis for protection action, and ensure the accuracy of protection action. The application of electronic transformer effectively promotes the development of sampling value differential principle. The application of electronic transformer has effectively promoted the development of sampling value differential principle. The electronic transformer simplifies the relay protection system and improves the efficiency of the relay protection system. In the current power system, the demand of digital protection action for system driving power is low, and the weak signal can meet the needs of system work. The application of electronic transformer reduces the current demand of microcomputer protection and improves the reliability and stability of the overall relay protection system. In addition, the application of electronic transformer effectively improves the width of the measurement range, enables the fault free interconnection between digital signals and electric energy meters, and dynamically displays the system power, computer and other parameters in real time. The application of electronic transformer makes the electromechanical protection system more efficient and streamlined, solves the problem of too complicated secondary wiring in the past, realizes information sharing, and provides a good reference for the subsequent expansion of the bit system

5 conclusion

at this stage, as a main trend of substation construction, intelligent substation has gradually attracted the attention of more and more power workers. The research and construction of intelligent substation in China need to be further improved, and the application of many basic equipment is still in the research and exploration stage. The application of electronic transformer has a good solution to the problems in the construction of traditional substation, which has important practical significance. In the process of intelligent construction of Substation, relevant technicians should attach great importance to it, and through continuous learning and research, Give full play to the technical advantages of electronic transformer

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