The hottest in 2013, China's robot industry is eme

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In 2013, China's robot industry first emerged.

with the highlighting of employment gaps in some regions, China's intelligent robot industry has recently begun to emerge, which has also attracted the attention of AVIC. According to AVIC, the company recently held a "Symposium on Intelligent Robots" to promote the robot industry. In this regard, Lin Zuoming, chairman of AVIC, said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that the company will closely keep up with the pace of the third industrial revolution and grasp emerging industries such as robots and 3D printing. We have seen the booming industries of the future automotive industry and strengthened the integration of military and civilian industries

last weekend, China robot industry innovation alliance was established in Beijing. Experts at the meeting said that with the acceleration of China's new industrialization process, the intelligent equipment industry represented by robots has ushered in a once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity. The robot and automation industry will become the mainstream direction of China's high-end manufacturing industry in the future, and will play an important role in China's industrial transformation and structural adjustment

"the supply chain management innovation of China's robot industry has effectively integrated the group warehousing and channel resource industry, and has entered a new historical opportunity period. In the future, it will maintain a high-speed growth of more than 40% for a long time. International Robot enterprises will also enter China on a large scale. Chinese national robot enterprises must seize the opportunity and accelerate their development." Qudaokui, chairman of the China robot industry innovation alliance, said, "the establishment of the China robot industry innovation alliance is to integrate the advantageous resources of the industry and quickly form a joint force. We cannot go our own way."

AVIC aviation equipment, avionics system, electromechanical system, basic Institute, AVIC heavy machinery and other units directly under AVIC have carried out the development planning and project promotion of intelligent robot industry. AVIC Hongdu, the automatic control institute, and the national development and Reform Commission have revealed to the public that member units such as power stations, manufacturing institutes, pan China, AVIC intelligent control have carried out project research and development in many fields, such as service robots, industrial robots for adjusting positions, special operation robots, robot system components, etc. In 2012, products such as the flying spray robot of AVIC Automatic Control Institute and the AVIC pan China welding robot successfully entered the market and achieved profits. Among them, AVIC pan China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AVIC precision machinery

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