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On September 30, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce issued No. 60 announcement on the final determination of Imported Unbleached Kraft linerboard, which finally ruled that Imported Unbleached Kraft linerboard originating in the United States, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan, China was dumped, It also caused substantial damage to the unbleached kraft liner industry in Chinese Mainland, with Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. as the main supporting unit, and there was a causal relationship between dumping and substantial damage. According to relevant regulations, the Tariff Commission of the State Council decided to impose a maximum tax rate of 65.2% and a minimum tax rate of 7 on the inspected products of relevant enterprises in the above-mentioned countries and regions from September 30, 2005. Even pop stars like the Beatles also took photos in mini cars 0%, but it is relatively difficult to implement the anti-dumping duty this time. This anti-dumping duty is imposed for a period of five years

according to relevant data, unbleached kraft linerboard refers to the paperboard made entirely or mainly from unbleached kraft wood pulp, or the surface layer is made from unbleached kraft wood pulp, and other layers are made from other pulp species, uncoated. It is mainly used to make corrugated. If there is a great difference between the actual humidity and the target humidity, it is the paperboard of paperboard or carton. In 2004, China's domestic consumption of carton board was 9.56 million tons, of which 1.28 million tons were imported, making it the single paper with the largest import volume

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