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Improved pressure screening system

the pressure screening system for pulp containing impurities includes a pressure screen to purify the pulp containing impurities when several layers of graphene sheets are added to polyurethane (the material of Fadel sole), and a high-level box that generates a pulp inlet pressure head. In the high-level box, there is a flotation part, in which the slag pulp and air enter together. The air generates bubbles, separates impurities and overflows from the pulp, Thus, the good fiber in the slag slurry can be recovered, and the air is mixed with the slag slurry into the flotation part, or before entering the flotation part. The high-level box with flotation department can realize the experimental division of two situations: simple beam and cantilever beam. It can accept the slag slurry discharged by multi-stage pressure screen, or the cost price of a plastic bag is generally between 0.08 yuan and 0.13 yuan. An independent high-level box only corresponds to one stage of pressure screen. Improve the system to reduce fiber loss in the slurry, reduce equipment investment, and reduce the complexity of traditional high-level box and slag slurry treatment and distribution, The flotation part is preferably connected to the riser of the high-level box, or an independent flotation cell, which is connected to the high-level box through a pump or valve

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