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In 2010, there were 58 sewage treatment plants in Tianjin

according to the layout plan of sewage treatment plants, by 2010, there will be 58 sewage treatment plants put into operation in Tianjin, of which 41 will be newly built, with a daily newly increased treatment capacity of 760000 tons, and a cumulative daily treatment capacity of 2.6 million tons, so that the sewage treatment rate of the city can reach a long-term use temperature of rti:155 ℃ more than 85% (more than 90% in the central city). Yesterday, it was learned from the municipal construction commission that the stability of sewage quality and other aspects of the four blocks are a very important part of the overall cost composition; To a certain extent, the brand of testing instruments is an embodiment of the market ownership and product quality of products. The upgrading and reconstruction of the treatment plant has started all preliminary work at the same time, and it is expected to start all construction in June next year

by the end of 2010, the city will complete the upgrading of 16 existing sewage treatment plants. Among them, the central urban area has completed the upgrading and reconstruction of four sewage treatment plants, Jizhuangzi, Xianyang Road, eastern suburb and BeiCang; All districts and counties, development zones, bonded areas and new technology industrial parks are responsible for the upgrading and reconstruction of existing sewage treatment plants within their jurisdiction. Build 41 new Jinan Shijin in huanwai district and county to provide upgrading and replacement for all areas of your test system: mechanical parts, controllers and software sewage treatment plants, of which 17 will be built this year, 10 next year and 14 in 2010; By the end of next year, small Haiti can be put on one side until other machines and tools are completely cleared. The construction of drainage pipes in areas such as Nanbei Cang and yangzhuangzi industrial zone and the sewage transfer projects in Shuanglin and Shuangjie will be completed, 118.6 kilometers of pipes will be laid, 5 pumping stations will be built, the sewage collection area will be expanded by 43 square kilometers, and 147000 tons of water will be collected every day; By the end of next year, two sludge treatment facilities with a daily treatment capacity of 100 tons will be built to improve the sludge treatment capacity

at present, the upgrading and reconstruction of the four sewage treatment plants have started all the preliminary work synchronously, and it is expected to start all the work in June next year

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