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Improve the secondary exposure device for plate printing

domestic plate printing machines of various specifications. In plate printing, the exposure plastic cloth is one of the accessories that are often replaced due to damage and protected regularly every 3-6 months. So how to improve the secondary exposure device for plate printing

first of all, it should be clear that the main purpose of the secondary exposure is to make up for the lack of primary exposure and protect the image and text parts, so as to achieve the effect of removing line dirt and floating dirt by advanced processes such as thermosetting resin injection molding process. Otherwise, the exposed version needs to be manually cleaned after development, which is time-consuming and prone to problems

in production practice, the operator makes a cover plate that can cover the pictures and texts exactly for each book with the red tear film according to the size of the original base, and then through the secondary exposure (no floating exposure), and at the same time, with reference to the color depth of the film base, set the exposure that can remove the dirty lines, so as to sun a clean and beautiful version

precautions: first, when making up, do not make the slice base too compact; Second, pay attention to cover the folding label and "a and B" during the second exposure, so as not to cause difficulties to the next process; Third, when covering with red tear film, be sure to align with the corner line of the first exposure: the center line. (article/Moyan)

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