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The application of FIX configuration software in the automation system of waterworks

Abstract This paper briefly introduces the fix software developed by American intrution company and the automation process of qilipu Waterworks of Zhejiang Yuyao waterworks Co., Ltd., and discusses the characteristics of FIX Software in the water treatment industry from high-performance i/o driver, fix database function, graphical interface application program, alarm system, safety system Data sharing and other aspects are discussed

fix configuration software introduction

FIX software developed by American intrution company is a 32-bit data acquisition and control software package based on Windows environment. FIX software has a unique distributed client/server structure, so that users can easily obtain on-site real-time information at different levels of the enterprise, and make the system run more reliably with the highest productivity through hardware encryption lock. When using fix, first establish a database file and draw a static process picture, then establish a dynamic connection through the link command to dynamically connect the database data with the static process picture, and finally run and display through the application program

I. Introduction to the automation process of qilipu water plant

the total design capacity of qilipu water plant of Zhejiang Yuyao water supply Co., Ltd. is 80000 tons/day. The water treatment process flow is as follows: the water source of the water plant is from Lianghui reservoir and Siminghu reservoir. The source water of the reservoir is stabilized and distributed through the stabilized pressure well, and is delivered to the plant area of the water purification plant. After pre chlorination and alum addition, it is mixed through the tubular static pressing function and stored in the set key, Then it enters the air-water backwash filter tank through the folded plate reaction tank and the flat flow tank. The filtered clean water then flows into the clean water tank through the chlorination process. The water in the clean water tank flows into the suction well of the water supply pump room through the outlet pipe, and finally the water is sent into the pipe from the suction well by the water supply pump room. The automation of the water making process is mainly to realize the automatic control of the dosing and filtration process in the process, so as to reduce the power consumption, drug consumption and labor cost, reduce the labor intensity, increase economic benefits, and provide an important guarantee for the stability, reliability and excellent water quality of the water plant

II. The application of FIX Software in automatic monitoring of water plants

we compare several popular monitoring software (fix of intelligence company, Cimplicity of GE company, InTouch of winderware company, WinCC of Siemens company) and find that fix software is unique for the water treatment industry: 100% data integrity and security; Fast, convenient and economical data acquisition; As the alarm summary of active control, it can call the operator's BP machine according to the alarm conditions; Information can be shared through enterprises and Internet; Comply with industry regulations; Full report support, customizable modules, and reports can be generated through Excel, crystal reports, or ODBC; It can monitor and control remotely; Through analysis and comparison, we choose FIX software as the configuration software for automatic monitoring of qilipu water plant. The specific applications of some functions of FIX configuration software are as follows:

1. High performance i/o driver in fix

i/o driver software reads data from i/o devices and transfers the data to the driver mapping table (DIT) address. Two Siemens splcs are used in the automation of qilipu water plant phase I project. One is used for filter control. The filter PLC realizes constant water level and constant filtration speed filtration control by collecting signals such as filter lattice water level and washing time, and the other is used for dosing control. The dosing control PLC realizes the automatic control process of filtration and alum addition by collecting signals such as source water and filtered water flow and quality. The primary or secondary instruments that collect water level and other sensors or controllers send data to PLC. FIX software provides an interface with PLC to read the collected data from PLC and send the data to the driver mapping table (DIT). Fix high-performance i/o driver has many advanced functions: automatic communication error detection, signal regulation, reporting, recovery, support redundant communication and other functions. These advanced functions ensure the integrity of the collected data and make the system in a safe and stable environment. In addition, fix software can support the i/o drivers of eight different types of devices to run on one node at the same time, which greatly increases the flexibility of system construction

2. Fix database

fix database can retrieve data from the driver mapping table, process data (including instructions), compare with the user set data, and return the output value to the driver mapping table. Historical events can be checked through real-time event retrieval on the central computer, and digital quantities can be calculated, such as the sum of electricity, the power consumption per unit of water transmission, the judgment of upper and lower limits, etc. Fix software's data point management is independent of the screen operation, and directly reflects the site information. Once the data point is set, it can immediately reflect the site status

3. The most important function of the graphical interface application

fix is to provide users with a visual window for process information processing. The graphical process information provided by fix on the user screen includes: raw data, alarm, calculation data, variable sub string, point information, trend alarm or variable status. The core of a graphics application is to access information from a database. In order to display data directly, graphic applications provide a variety of linking methods. Links can be flexibly selected in a variety of formats and configurations to display system or process data. Operators can also write data to the database using links. At the same time, the data source can come not only from fix database, but also from other DDE applications or ODBC databases. These data transmissions can be bidirectional

the historical trend chart in fix software can easily store, query and print historical data. FIX software provides flexible report function, reads data through DDE mode, ODBC mode and other application programs, and generates reports. The historical trend of the collected data can be visually displayed in the historical display screen of fix, and the historical trend curve and current trend curve can be displayed with bar chart and line chart, One to eight real-time and historical trend charts can be selected in any combination and displayed on one screen, and a large number of data search and research points have been carried out with different colors and their weight has always been the focus of attention. The time span of historical trend curve and current trend curve can be easily selected, and the operator can easily select the start time and end time for curve display. We also make statistical analysis of historical data. The data in fix's historical database can be directly output as a text file, and the data in the text file can be imported into a third-party statistical analysis software

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