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Improved packaging device

an improved packaging device, including the rise in the price of raw materials: plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows are facing the test. The first and second packaging films made of PE (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene), foaming materials, and a corrugated cardboard; Among them, the corrugated board is provided with sequentially arranged storage cells. When packaging, first place the first packaging film on the corrugated board, then place the precision parts in the storage cell of the corrugated board paved with the first packaging film, then place the corrugated board on the foaming material, and finally place the corrugated board and foaming material paved with the first packaging film and placed with precision parts on the conveyor belt of the packaging machine, The second packaging film is tightly wrapped on the outside of corrugated board and foaming material by the packaging machine

This material can be processed with special functions according to the needs of customers

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