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Improve the leakage of glass bottle packaging products

Abstract: glass bottles are equipped with ABS plastic bottle caps to package phosphorus ester chemicals containing acyl fluoride. There are bottle caps and bottle heads damaged and product leakage. The fundamental reason is the incompatibility between phosphorus ester chemicals and packaging materials. In this regard, it is proposed that the materials of bottle cap and gasket must be re selected through compatibility test, the aging of plastic should be paid attention to in material selection, the quality of glass bottles should be improved, and the tightening torque should be unified

key words: glass bottle; packing; ABS bottle cap; Plastic; leak; reason; Improvement

10 years ago, in response to the packaging needs of a chemical product, the author participated in the development of glass bottle packaging and put it on the market. The body of the packaging bottle is a 50ml. I-type screw mouth glass medicine bottle, and the bottle cap is made of ABS engineering plastic. There are double-layer gaskets in the bottle cap, the surface layer is 0.2mm thick PTFE gasket, and the inner layer is 2mm thick butyl rubber gasket. Recently, customers have reported the leakage of the above packaging. After visiting customers, it was found that more than 50% of the packages had bottle caps swelling, cracking or loosening, a small number of bottle mouths showed signs of corrosion, and only a small number of packages were in good condition. As the products are toxic and there are potential safety hazards due to package leakage, all packaged products should be recovered at the request of customers, which will cause great economic losses to the enterprise and have a negative impact on the reputation of the enterprise

the quality of chemical products is very good, and they are welcomed by customers when they are put on the market. They did not expect that minor packaging matters would lead to major events, and the lesson was painful. To sum up the experience and lessons, in addition to not paying enough attention to the packaging of 29.2742 million yuan, 35.9622 million yuan and 35.035 million yuan respectively, there are other deep-seated reasons, which are summarized as follows

l cause analysis of glass bottle packaging leakage

according to the nature of chemical products, combined with the problems and phenomena in packaging, the analysis found that the problems in packaging containers were caused by the following reasons:

1) bottle cap. ABS plastic is susceptible to stress corrosion cracking and aging. ABS plastic is easy to crack due to stress corrosion. The bottle cap is stressed due to tightening and sealing, and the olefin gas produced by product decomposition intensifies the stress on the bottle cap, resulting in the cracking of ABS plastic bottle cap. ABS plastic is easy to age _] l. The general service life is 8 ~ 10 years, and the service life is shorter under the environment of stress and chemical medium. As some products are stored for more than 10 years, their mechanical strength decreases, which is also an important reason for bottle cap cracking

2) packaging has an increasing demand for new materials such as polysilicon, carbon fiber, lithium electronics and so on. Environmental protection can't just look at the bag materials. "You can't impose consumers' non environmental actions on plastic bags." containers are incompatible with chemical products. The chemical products are phosphorus esters containing acyl fluoride. The properties of the products are unstable. During storage, dealkylation reactions occur to generate olefin gas, causing a certain pressure in the bottle, resulting in loosening or cracking of the bottle cap. Once the bottle cap is loose or broken, and the seal is not tight, on the one hand, the bottle cap will directly contact with the product vapor and its decomposition product olefin gas, causing swelling; on the other hand, the water vapor will enter, causing the product to hydrolyze and generate hydrofluoric acid, which is corrosive to the glass. The hydrofluoric acid concentration at the bottle mouth is high, and the bottle mouth corrosion is obvious. This is the main reason for the packaging problems

3) the tightening torque of the bottle cap is not uniform. There is only one sealing surface between the bottle cap and the glass bottle mouth. The composite gasket processed by polytetrafluoroethylene and butyl rubber plate is hard, and the sealing of the bottle cap and bottle mouth must be ensured by tightening. The total cost is basically unchanged. Because the product packaging is manually operated, the tightening torque of different people is not unified, resulting in incomplete sealing effect

4) the glass bottle has quality problems. The glass bottle is a tube bottle, which is semi mechanically and semi manually processed. Affected by human factors, the uniformity is poor, the threads of some bottle heads are quite different, and the fit with the bottle cap is poor. In addition, the double-layer gasket is prone to displacement and non coincidence. Even under the same tightening torque, there will be the problem of loose sealing

2 suggestions and experiences on improving packaging

there are several suggestions and experiences on the leakage of packaging:

1) packaging must be highly valued. Packaging is a part of products and a means of putting products on the market. Good packaging can increase the appearance beauty and stimulate customers' desire to buy on the premise of meeting customers' use. Foreign countries attach great importance to the packaging of products, and the packaging cost of some products even exceeds the value of the products themselves. At present, many enterprises in China do not pay attention to product packaging, resulting in product prices and export difficulties. The price caused by not paying attention to packaging is too high. I hope we can learn from it

2) the sealing torque of glass bottle and plastic bottle cap shall be unified. The hardness and strength of glass bottle and plastic bottle cap are different. The sealing effect is poor if the torque is too small, and the sealing effect is also poor if the torque is too large, which may cause tripping. Only the moderate torque can ensure the sealing effect. Conditional. Special tool seals with torque can be designed and processed; Unconditionally, let the same person tighten it full-time

3) material compatibility test must be conducted for product packaging. Whether the product is compatible with the packaging container material is the key to determine whether the packaging container is applicable. The packaging container material must be selected through compatibility test. All containers, sealing gaskets and bottle caps that may be in direct contact with the product shall be selected through compatibility test. Some products, judging from experience, are compatible with the materials of packaging containers, but they are incompatible in case of accidents. For example, the above phosphate ester is compatible with glass according to literature reports and theoretical analysis, but when the package is not tightly sealed and water vapor enters, the product will hydrolyze to produce hydrofluoric acid to corrode the glass. Therefore, when choosing packaging container materials, compatibility tests must be carried out under extreme conditions, and experience must not be relied on. In addition, the gasket is the key part of packaging and sealing, and its material should also have a certain elasticity. For highly corrosive chemical products, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene with good elasticity is more suitable for the material of thread gasket

4) when matching glass bottles with plastic bottle caps, attention should be paid to the aging of plastics. Glass has no aging problem, but plastic has aging problem, and their service lives are inconsistent. Even if the plastic is not subjected to stress and corrosion, it will be aged when placed statically, and its service life will be greatly reduced under the condition of stress and corrosion. If plastic is selected to make bottle caps, aging tests must be carried out, and materials with a service life much longer than the storage life of the products must be selected

5) the processing quality of glass bottles must be guaranteed. Glass bottles are divided into tube bottles and molded bottles. According to the meaning of the name, they are divided according to the processing method. Moulded bottles are relatively standardized due to the use of molds. It is best to choose moulded bottle enterprises to process glass bottles. However, if the order quantity is small and the mold bottle enterprises are unwilling to process, they must choose the processing enterprises with pure mechanical method and pay attention to the acceptance. In any case, glass bottles must not choose hand-made tube bottles

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