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Imported waste powder coatings made a profit of more than 400000 and was sentenced to 7 years

imported waste powder coatings made a profit of more than 400000 and was sentenced to 7 years

December 1, 2014

[China paint information] in order to make a profit, Cheng, the legal representative of a Nanjing import and Export Co., Ltd., imported waste powder coatings from abroad and pretended to be "inferior calcium carbonate" for customs declaration, with a total of 35 tickets and 934.994 tons. From February 2012 to August 6, 2013, he made a total profit of 417000 yuan. Recently, Cheng was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and 100000 yuan by the Nanjing Intermediate People's court for the crime of smuggling waste. The illegal gains shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury. It is worth mentioning that this kind of waste material has serious environmental pollution and is troublesome to deal with. Some foreigners even give it to Cheng for free in order to get rid of it as soon as possible

the three partners engaged in the company's import of waste paint

in 2010, Mr. Cheng met with Mr. Ma and Mr. Jiang because the original space can meet the pressure test units of all materials. On a certain day in 2011, at a party, Cheng said that the waste powder coating was easy to sell in China after normal customs declaration, and proposed a partnership. Ma and Jiang thought that this business was profitable and decided to use their respective advantages to do the waste powder business. The first batch of waste powder coatings smuggled by the three people was declared in the name of a trading company in Changsha on September 30, 2011. Later, in order to operate better, the three signed a division of labor agreement and agreed to establish a company. On May 8, 2012, the company jointly invested by the three people was registered and established in Nanjing. The shares were divided equally among the three people. Mr. Cheng served as the legal representative from a domestic perspective, responsible for contacting foreign investors, purchasing, import customs declaration, etc., Mr. Ma was responsible for domestic sales, and Mr. Jiang was responsible for finance

after the establishment of the company, the business of importing waste powder coatings from abroad has been carried out with great fanfare, and the specific work is in the charge of the procurement manager Mr. Li. What Mr. Li does every day is to find the resources of foreign waste powder coatings on the Internet. Cheng asked her to find the "ground, abandoned and expired" powder coating, and the price was set by Cheng. Through the search engine, Mr. Li found many foreign businesses. In the purchase information sent to these businesses, he wrote: "we recycle about tons of surplus and second-hand powder coatings from all over the world every month. Do you have surplus, recyclable, second-hand and inferior powder coatings?". Counterfeiting the name of the goods to escape customs supervision

the purchase information sent by Mr. Li really received a lot of responses. Customers who intend to sell waste powder will send samples to Cheng's company. After the samples are sent, Cheng and Ma will review the samples, heat them with a lighter, see the melting of the powder, and judge the quality of the waste powder. After comparison and identification, Mr. Cheng identified six partners, including the United States, Britain and Belgium, of which only one is a coating manufacturer, and the other five are recyclers of waste powder coatings. After that, Cheng began to contact these foreign suppliers, sign contracts, import to China, and Ma was responsible for sales

these waste powder coatings are solid wastes that are officially prohibited by the state. If you declare according to the facts, you will definitely not pass. In order to hide people's eyes and ears, Mr. Cheng asked foreign businessmen to forge the name of the goods, mark the outer package of the waste powder coating with the names of

"inferior calcium carbonate" and so on, and required that there should be no words of "powder coating" on any documents and objects. In the process of customs declaration, the imported waste powder coating is changed to the names of "color fixative with calcium carbonate as the basic component", "filler with calcium carbonate as the basic component" and "grade II product of bold powder coating". In this way, it can not be seen from the English letters that the imported waste powder coating is actually waste powder coating, so it can escape customs supervision. The pollution is heavy and difficult to deal with. Foreigners give free

so, what is the harm of these waste powder coatings? In this regard, the investigation organ investigated and obtained evidence from relevant experts of the coating professional committee of the Chinese chemical society. Expert testimony confirmed that superfine powder, expired powder, ground powder, secondary powder and recycled powder are powder coatings that cannot be used again abroad. As an organic substance, this substance cannot be absorbed by soil and can only be treated by incineration. The harmful gas produced by incineration must be purified before being discharged into the atmosphere, otherwise it will produce highly toxic substances and have a bad impact on the environment

due to the high cost of recycling, many foreign manufacturers try to transfer these wastes to less developed countries, or even give them away for free. The expert's statement was also confirmed by the evidence obtained by the investigation organ. Among the goods imported by Mr. Cheng, one 19 tons was imported from Britain, and the declared price of Mr. Cheng was 350 dollars/ton. In fact, this batch of goods was "generously" given away by British businessman Maurice. Reprocessing will also damage human health

what makes people angry is that it is this kind of foreign garbage. 8. Weight: 18kg people abandon it as shoes and avoid it. Cheng is actually willing to spend real gold and silver and import it at tens of dollars to more than 200 dollars a ton, in order to get it to China and sell it for profit with normal imported coating powder after reprocessing. According to the investigation of the investigation organ, in the domestic market, the price of imported normal powder coatings is about twice that of domestic powder coatings

experts from the coating and coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry also confirmed that during the reprocessing process, some of these waste powder coatings could not be attached to the products because of their fine particles, which would float around in the air and directly affect the health of domestic reprocessing workers; Moreover, the products produced by reprocessing waste powder coatings have poor corrosion resistance, and there are potential safety hazards that are easy to fall off when used in building materials and other facilities. The investigation organ found that in order to make these goods declared with "calcium carbonate" substances not cause the suspicion of the customs because the price is too lower than the market price, the customs declaration price of Mr. Cheng is basically 350 dollars/ton. When Mr. Cheng landed, there were still four unsold powder coatings totaling 97.88 tons, which were sealed up and detained by the anti smuggling Bureau of Nanjing Customs. The court sentenced him to seven years' imprisonment and fined 100000

the public prosecution charged that Mr. Cheng, knowing that the country banned the import of waste powder coatings, evaded customs supervision by means of false declaration of product names and so on. He imported 35 tickets totaling 934.994 tons. After identification by the Institute of solid waste pollution control of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, these substances belong to the solid waste currently prohibited from import in China, and his behavior has constituted the crime of waste smuggling, and the circumstances are particularly serious, He shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than five years and a fine

after the trial, the Nanjing Intermediate People's court held that Cheng was convicted of the crime, and the total illegal income was 417000 yuan. Given that Mr. Cheng can truthfully confess the facts of the crime after being arrested, he should be found to be frank and can be given a lighter punishment. Finally, Cheng was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and 100000 yuan for the crime of smuggling waste. The illegal income involved in the case shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury

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