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Aspect zipwire mobile API won the contact center technology award

with the innovation of easily and quickly embedding agent assistance directly into mobile applications, zipwiretm mobile API won this award

the contact center solution based entirely on cloud computing and SaaS can provide a real Omni channel customer experience after adopting zipwire mobile API

aspect, the world's leading fully integrated customer contact management, labor optimization and background management, and the award-winning cloud computing solution provider, recently announced that the international integrated media company TMC awarded the 2014 contact center technology award to zipwire mobile API for its contribution to integrating mobile functions into the customer experience

aspect zipwire contact center solution is completely based on cloud computing and SaaS, and realizes Omni channel customer care through multiple sessions, full-featured seats and administrator desktops, and advanced reporting and recording functions Aspect cloud computing room is a huge and patented global data center and telecommunications infrastructure. Zipwire deployed in the aspect cloud computer room is simple and fast to set up. Agents can provide services to customers in a few hours, accelerating the time benefit conversion speed

the 9th annual contact center technology award selected by customer magazine recognizes suppliers of key technologies that provide high-quality customer service and related technologies. The award highlights the success of the winners as innovators, opinion leaders and market promoters in connecting the center, which is the fifth sub center in China, and the customer care industry

in terms of traditional aluminum alloy modification, zipwire mobile API enables mobile applications to change mechanical properties, more conveniently assign customers to seats, and provide more personalized assistance through voice, SMS, video or page chat. Customers can send additional information (such as product photos) to the seats to improve the first contact resolution rate and provide a real Omni channel customer experience without interruption. The main product features include:

seamless switching between mobile self-service applications and real-time agents

using skill based routing and queue rules, Combine the mobile application environment to allocate appropriate seats for mobile inquiries

integrate additional mobile information into aspect "our high-performance materials and all-round customer service can speed up the launch of innovative small lightweight and reduced speed vehicles. T the seat desktop is completely browser based, and the contact with background information is realized.

track key performance indicators (such as the first contact resolution rate) through post investigation, analysis and report To assess the quality of customer experience, John amein, vice president of aspect product management, said that intelligence, as a communication and computing tool that consumers carry around, has developed very rapidly Zipwire's innovative mobile API provides our zipwire customers with unlimited possibilities to provide better services through mobile applications, facilitate consumers and contact center seats, and reduce costs at the same time. The mobile application cooperates with the customer routing assignment on the corresponding channel. At the same time, combined with the background environment of contact, zipwire mobile API enables agents to provide personalized services more easily and quickly. This time, it won the TMCnet contact center technology award, which once again confirms that aspect is at the forefront of improving the dialogue environment between customers and agents, making it easier for each aspect customer to achieve the goal of first contact resolution rate

about aspect

aspect's fully integrated solution integrates the three most important aspects of today's customer interaction strategy, including customer interaction management, labor optimization, and back office systems. By providing a variety of options such as complete supporting cloud, hosting and hybrid deployment, we support the world's highest standard contact center and back office system, effectively and smoothly collaborate people, processes and contact points, and provide excellent customer experience

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