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Yuncheng county, Shandong Province: small plastic bottle caps, but there is a big market

Beisan village, dinglichang Town, yuncheng county, Shandong Province was originally a professional village producing brown brushes. With the emergence of high-pressure bottle washing machines, the demand for Brown Brushes has decreased significantly. By changing production, the plastic cap economy has now risen in the village. More than 180 households are engaged in the production of plastic bottle caps and household appliance socket switches, which belong to class 1 small household appliances. There are 15 manufacturers with an investment of more than one million yuan, and more than 3000 employees

through market research, beisancun people found that people now prefer plastic bottle caps and plastic caps with strong anti-counterfeiting and easy opening. 2. Advanced technology. So they switched production and signed contracts with foreign manufacturers to produce plastic bottle caps with minimal profits. In order to produce upgraded products such as high-end rubber caps, aluminum foil wrapping paper, anti-counterfeit plastic bottle caps, they did not hesitate to spend a lot of money on Reed Exhibitions to launch the "2018 Asian automobile lightweight Exhibition" with fully automatic control color printing equipment or invite foreign technicians. In order to reduce the cost of enhancing the relevance and dependence between aluminum processing enterprises, they link up upstream and downstream products. The production of rubber caps requires several processes, including several professional factories here. The sales team is also united. The salesperson of an enterprise goes out to promote products and carries a complete range of samples. It can be said that the goods are ordered outside and made at home. One cannot supply them, and the whole village comes to help. Now, there are more than 200 people in the village who have been doing business outside all year round

nowadays, colorful plastic hats have really formed a big industry in Beisan village. Although the profit of a small plastic cap is only one or two cents, and a plastic cap for sealing wine bottles is only a few cents, today's prosperity makes people have to admit that there is a big market for plastic caps

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